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A Virtual Journey from Jerusalem to Madrid

 The National Library Opens a Digital Exhibition at Casa del Lector

The National Library of Israel is pleased to announce a joint exhibition with Casa del Lector, a cultural center for the celebration of the written word in Madrid, Spain. The National Library was selected as the first among several libraries to highlight their collection in a series of exhibitions that Casa del Lector is hosting on digital libraries from around the world. In a first for both organizations, this exhibition, entitled The National Library of Israel: A Memory Deposit,” is unique because it is entirely virtual.  It will present a selection from the Library’s holdings in a digital-only format.  Casa del Lector visitors explore the exhibition through a tablet or smartphone, navigating through a web of text, images, and video, which provide background about the item on virtual display. The digital presentation harnesses technology to amplify the exhibitions depth and breadth.
The exhibit gives wide exposure to the Library’s treasures of Jewish heritage and general culture eschewing a linear format in favor of independent exploration that the technology makes possible.  Participants can take any path they choose through the exhibit’s eight topics. Highlights of the exhibition include a presentation on Sir Isaac Newton’s theological papers, which were bequeathed to the National Library in 1951, and a Torah scroll that left Spain in 1492, was hidden in Rhodes by a Muslim Cleric during the Holocaust, and was presented to the National Library after World War II in memory of the Jews of Rhodes.
This first partnership is certain to raise awareness about the National Library and its developing position as a leading cultural institution, using technology to enhance engagement with the treasures of its collections. In addition, it serves as a fine example of the deepening relationship that the National Library is developing with libraries in Europe and worldwide.