Memory and Book

An Evening Marking the Release of "The Book of Rafael Weiser:
A Review of Manuscripts, Archives and the Work of S.Y. Agnon"

Sunday | 23.2.20 | February 23rd | 28th of Shevat | 18:00


The National Library building


Rafael Weiser

Host: Dr. Gil Weissblei, editor of the book


Opening Remarks: Prof. Elchanan Reiner, the National Library


When did Agnon Write "From an Enemy to a Lover" (מאויב לאוהב)?
Prof. Dan Laor


The Hidden Meaning of "The Doctor and His Divorcee"
Prof. Haim Be'er


Memories from Rafael Weiser's Early Days at the Library
Prof. Malachi Beit-Arié


The Work of Rafael Weiser and the Metaphor of the Midwife
Mr. Shlomo Zucker


Rafael Weiser's Notes and the Restoration of Lost Archives
Prof. Jonatan Meir


Closing Remarks: Rivka Plesser

Music: Shai Sobol - Guitar
Yael Zuri - Vocals



Event to be held in Hebrew