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Statistics for 2004

Israel Publishing Statistics 2004
The Hebrew Book Week 2005 will take place in Israel on June 15-25. In anticipation of this event the National Library reports annual data about books published in Israel during 2004. The National Library is the legal deposit library of Israel, and receives, according to the “Book Act”, two copies of each book, journal, cassette or disk published in Israel. The publications are catalogued in the Library's catalogue and in the Israel Union List.

New titles and current periodicals

During the previous year 8,201 new Israeli titles were registered by the Legal Deposit Department: 6,436 books, 884 new periodicals, and 881 non-print titles, such as CDs and cassettes. In additions, 11,959 issues of current periodicals were received. The Library's catalogue is the most comprehensive in Israel, and includes the vast majority of the titles published in Israel.
Hebrew and Other Languages
Most of the books are in Hebrew: 5,183 titles. Most of them – about 89% were originally written in Hebrew, and about 11% were translated into Hebrew.
The next common languages are English: 616 titles, Russian: 114 titles and Arabic: 62 titles. 26 Rumanian titles were published in Israel last year, 21 in Spanish and 13 in French. Only 5 titles in Amharic were registered, 4 in Yiddish and 1 in Ladino. A few books were published in other languages, such as German, Hungarian, Italian and Chinese.
The breakdown of the 7,128 titles is as follows:


Children Books and Text Books
About 480 books for children and youth were deposited in the library – about 7.5% of the total number of books received.
In addition, 262 text books were deposited – about 4% of the total number of books received.

Type of Publishing
55% of the books were published by commercial publishing houses.
10% of the books were published by the government and governmental institutions.
7% of the books were published by educational institutions – universities, colleges and schools.
14% of the books were published by associations, foundations, museums, community centers and other organizations.

14% of the books were self-published by authors.


The orthodox and ultra-orthodox sector was responsible for 21% of the total titles that were published in Israel in 2004.



Israeli Publishers
The National Library's Legal Deposit Department maintains an extensive listing of Israeli publishers, including many minor publishers who issue only a few books a year. The Information recorded includes address, telephone, and fax number of each publisher. The database includes 1,297 active publishers and organizations, which engage in publishing.
856 are commercial publishing houses, and 441 are non-commercial.


458 publishers published for the orthodox sector, and 5 for non-Jewish religious communities.