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Library Building

 Residences and Names

"The National Library and the locations of its residence have stirred up a variety of emotions […] admiration and respect for the home of the cultural and national memory of the Israeli people…"
(From the introduction to the exhibition "The Library in Literature")
Since its establishment in 1892 by Eliezer Ben Yehuda, the Library has had several homes throughout the city of Jerusalem and several different names as well. In November 1960, the Library moved to its current residence at the Givat Ram campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The Library is preparing to move to its new location in Kiryat Ha'Leom, Jerusalem in 2021. The Library received its new name, "National Library of Israel" in July 2008, following the National Library Law of 2007.
  • 1. The Completed Wolfson House at Mt. Scopus, April 1930
  • 2. The Reading Room at Wolfson House, Mt. Scopus
  • 3. Terra Santa building, temporary residence following the War of Independence
  • 4. Wolfson Building at Mt. Scopus following the Six Day War, 1968
  • 5. The Library's first years at Givat Ram- Northern view
  • 6. The Main Reading Room at Terra Santa
  • 7. The General Reading Room
  • 8. One of the first library buildings
  • 9. Ne'eman House
  • 10. Press reading room at the library on Mt. Scopus
  • 11. Catalogue room at the temporary residence at Terra Santa
  • 12. Library Director's room
  • 13. "Beit Ne'eman"
  • 14. The reading room at Bnei Brit library
  • 15. Director's room at the Wolfson House library
  • 16. Wolfson Building