Project Tools

The Israel Archives Network service offers a variety of tools available for use by the archives.


Information Management System

One of the main tools in the project is the information management system. The Israel Archives Network solicited bids for the most suitable system. The system selected is the Adlib system of the Axiell group.



As part of the project, a link was established with the National Library thesaurus. Every archive can use the thesaurus, either as a primary thesaurus, or as an adjunct to its own thesaurus. The thesaurus makes it easier to conduct advanced lateral searches of information chunks among archives in the project.


Information preservation system

The selected system is Rosetta, the preservation system already in use at the National Library. The Rosetta system, of the Exlibris company, carries out the long-term preservation of materials stored by the project

Internet Portal

The Internet portal provides access to all the materials that are managed by the information management system and stored in the information preservation system.