Project Standards

One of the goals of the Israel Archives Network Project is to respond to the needs of small archives in Israel.

Many archives do not operate under the direction of an overseeing regulator. The project therefore developed standards and recommendations intended for them as well.

Most of the work until now has dealt with the transfer of information, how digitization is carried out, and the preservation of digital material.


Standard based on the EAD-international standard. As part of the project, a committee was established, which evaluated the standard in light of the unique needs of most of the archives in Israel. The committee made adjustments and changes, and the result was the EADI-Israel standard.


The standard is used for the transfer of archival information from the various archival institutions to the Israel Archives Network. The standard is also recommended for use for transferring archival information in Israel not in the framework of the Israel Archives Network.

Standard document

EADI schema (XSD) in XML format

Values lists in EADI standard



Guiding Principles and Standards for Digitization and Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage Materials

The standard represents the principles, best practices and accepted standards for digitization and long-term digital preservation processes for cultural heritage materials in cultural institutions in the State of Israel. In addition, the document presents working guidelines and standards for companies and contractors dealing with digital preservation, scanning, and creation of digital content. 

Standard document


Temporary Data Encoding Certificate

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