Project Plan

Stage 1:

At the preliminary stage of the project, a comprehensive survey of historical archives in Israel was conducted.

During the first year of the project, software and hardware infrastructures that will be used to achieve its goals will be evaluated, selected and integrated.  At this stage, a pilot will also be conducted among nine archives for importing materials in two ways:

  1. Importing the archive catalogue into the central IAN system, and digitization of the material stored in it, so that the project will constitute the archive management system (AMS) of that archive.
  2. Importing the catalogue and digital information so that the project will preserve a copy of the information for preservation and public access, but the archive will continue to be managed independently.

Stage 2:

During years 2-4 of the project, we will carry out digitization, sorting and cataloguing of archives selected by the steering committee for project funding. All other archives are invited to participate in the project independently – they can use the project's Archive Management System (AMS) for all their archiving needs, so that the information will be online and accessible to the public.

The Israel National Library will directly engage in technology-related issues and project-level issues to ensure the daily maintenance and operation of the central Archive Management System and the information stored therein.


 Stage 3:

Post-project stage. At this stage, the core of the project will have been established. The system will continue to be maintained and archives will continue to use the system. At this stage, as well, new archives can choose to join the project.