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The Israel Archives Network Project (IAN)

This site is devoted to the project that serves as a basis for the establishment of the IAN, and includes administrative information, procedures and standards. The Israel Archives Network Project enables the user to conduct a search and find rare primary sources pertaining to Israeli heritage.
   Our content portal is now on-air (Hebrew-only) at:


  • 08.12.2015, Tuesday
    Israel Archives Network Content portal is LAUNCHED!

    ​During the festivities of Hannukka, we are happy to announce the launch of the content portal of Israel Archives Network - - at this stage in Hebrew-only inteface. Engish interface will be introduced in 2016

  • 15.11.2015, Sunday
    Israel Archives Network's Content Portal

    ​The content portal will be inaugurated soon!

  • 09.11.2014, Sunday
    Additional archives are joining IAN!

    Additional archives are joining IAN, including: the Yad Ya’ari Archive, the Yad Tabenkin Archive, the Beit Bialik Archive, the Egged Archive, and the Archive of the Heritage Center for German-Speaking Jews.

  • 19.08.2014, Tuesday
    Archive of the Religious Kibbutz Movement Joins IAN!

    The Archive of the Religious Kibbutz Movement has begun a pilot project of information export. The pilot is being carried out using the IDEA Information Systems. At the same time, digitization of the first dispatch from the archive has begun.

  • 30.04.2014, Wednesday
    EADI Standard is Released

    The EADI standard has been released. This standard is based on the EAD-international standard with adjustments for Israeli archives. The standard was developed by a special team that included senior archivists from Israel.

  • 20.02.2014, Thursday
    Preliminary Connection of Digital Copies with the ADLIB System

    For the first time, a connection has been created between ADLIB systems – both the archival and Internet systems – and the ROSETTA system. As part of the experiment, manual synchronization was carried out of one section of the Trumpeldor Labor Brigade Archive. The experiment was declared a success. At the next stage, an automatic interface between ADLIB and ROSETTA will be developed.

  • 20.02.2014, Thursday
    IAN Portal Launched

    The IAN’s first portal, based on the Adlib Internet Server, has gone online!

  • 19.02.2014, Wednesday
    People & Computers –YAEL:IFN to Adapt Software for the IAN

    Today an article was published about the Israel Archives Network on the Israeli online computer-news portal Anashim ve-Machshevim.

  • 12.01.2014, Sunday
    Infrastructure for Remote Connection

    The project team has launched, together with the National Library’s computer infrastructure department, a foundational system that enables remote access to the ADLIB system. The infrastructure makes it possible to operate ADLIB via a remote end-user without installing the software. Use of the infrastructure requires Windows 7 and up, as well as Remote Desktop Client 8.0 and up.

  • 01.01.2014, Wednesday
    Archives Survey Completed

    The archives survey was completed on December 31, 2013. The project team is working on producing a comprehensive report from the survey data. The report will be published in the second quarter of 2014.