How does one join the Israel Archives Network?

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In order to join the Israel Archives Network, do I need to forgo the information system I'm using currently?

Not at all! All you need to do is to export in the EADI standard to catalogue information and digital copies in the system and send all the information to us. You can consult with the project team to receive instructions and clarifications for carrying out this step.

I have no idea how to "export" from the information system

For this purpose, you will need to receive technical support from your product manufacturer.

I performed an "export" but the information is not according to the EADI standard. What should I do?

 You can use the mapping tool provided by the project to convert the information to the EADI standard.

Does "exporting" information and transferring it to the Israel Archives Network cost money?

No payment is required for sending the catalogue to the Israel Archives Network and displaying it publically, including search options etc. If the archive would also like to store files of the digital copies of the information in the Israel Archives Network, there is a modest fee for every 1TB of information. Transfer of digital copies is necessary in order to make these copies available on the Internet.

If I do not have an information system, how can I join the Israel Archives Network?

First, you can purchase a system. There are companies on the Israeli market that specialize in archive management information systems. In addition, archives that do not have an information system can use the information system for management of archive catalogues offered by the Israel Archives Network. This system, of Adlib Information Systems, operates in Hebrew, and can run on any computer with Windows 7 and an Internet connection.

Is there a fee for using the Adlib system?

Work with this system requires the purchase of user licenses for each person using the system. For example, if two individuals work in a particular archive, two licenses must be purchased. If there is only one person working in the archive, only one is necessary. Purchase is carried out through the project team. The cost is a one-time fee. In addition, there is a modest monthly maintenance fee.

I know of an archive that received the system free of charge. Why do I need to pay for the license?

First, it is important to understand that funds submitted for the license do not remain with the project, but are passed on in full to the Adlib company. At the beginning of the project, the content committee of the Israel Archives Network, comprising professionals from the Israel State Archives, the National Library, as well as external consultants, determined for which archives licenses (only) would be purchased by the project. The definition of eligibility was made based on clear and professional criteria. In any case, these archives are required to pay a modest monthly maintenance fee, as stated above.

Are there additional costs for using the Israel Archives Network?

To the extent that the archive is interested in storing –  in addition to its catalogue – digital copies of its files in the project system, there is a relatively low cost for every 1 TB of information.

If I am a commercial archive, can I join the project?

Certainly! Many commercial archives contain national heritage materials, and are therefore very relevant to the project and can join the Israel Archives Project. The costs are similar to those for non-commercial archives, with one exception: commercial archives must pay for the Adlib system archives license. Non-commercial archives are exempt from this fee, since the IAN project purchased a national license for non-commercial archives. The project team will provide assistance for commercial archives, including professional guidance in digitization, catalogue export, etc.