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Facts & Figures

​​Facts & Figures

​The National Library of Israel has over five million volumes of books and periodicals, as well as thousands more items held in special collections, including manuscripts, archives, maps and musical recordings.  



250,000 books are located on open shelves in eight reading rooms: Judaica, Islam and Middle East, Humanities, Microfilmed Manuscripts, Archives, Eran Laor Cartographic Collection, Edelstein Collection, and the Gershom Scholem Library. The remainder of the books are housed in storage rooms inside and outside the Library building. The Digital Library includes thousands of scanned books, manuscripts, Talmud, maps, and the National Sound Archive.

  • Books & Collections

  • The Library’s collections are divided into four core areas: Judaica Collection, Israel Collection, Islam and Middle East Collection, Humanities collection.


Annual Growth

• Annual growth in number of items – approx. 100,000
• Legal Deposit – monographs (including non-printed materials) – approx. 7,000 titles each year
• Newspapers and periodicals – approx. 900 new titles each year
• Periodical Volumes – approx. 12,000


Storage Areas

• 9,400 m² in the main building and some 4,250 m² in various storage locations (Givat Shaul, Mount Scopus and Shikunei HaElef)


Constructed Area

• Some 20,000 m²


• The Book Law (Required Deposit and Detail Reporting), 2000 (amendments 2001-2005) (Hebrew)
• Copyright Law, 2007 (Hebrew)
• National Library Law, 2007 (Hebrew)


Sources of Funding

• The Israeli government, The Council for Higher Education – Committee for Budget and Planning, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, self revenue, donations.



The Library has about 270 employees, and about 30 volunteers. In 2010, 35 new employees were hired.


Additional Activities

• Exhibits
• Concerts
• Seminars
• Cultural evenings/Lectures




• Reading rooms – total of 540 seats in 11 reading rooms
• The Restoration and Preservation Laboratory
• Microfilm copying
• Scanning services
• Bookbindery
• Loans
• Interlibrary loans
• Reference – bibliographical services
• Photocopying services

Scope of Annual Activity

• Visits – some 200,000 readers and visitors per year
• Number of books lent – some 1,000 per month
• Use of the library website – some 2.3 million hits annually
• Use of the Online Catalogue – 300,000 hits annually

Collections & Archives
Collections & Archives
Information about the Judaica, Israel, Islam & Middle East, Humanities, Archives and Manuscripts collections.
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The Digital Library
The Digital Library
Free access to thousands of scanned books, newspapers, manuscripts, maps, images, as well as hours of audio and video recordings.
למידע נוסף
Events and Exhibits
Events and Exhibits
News and updates about cultural events and exhibits at the National Library.
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