Second Floor

The Laor Collection 

The Eran Laor Cartographic Collection (Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 09:00-14:00)*

The Eran Laor Collection includes ancient maps from as early as the fifteenth century, ancient atlases, travel books covering journeys to the Land of Israel and around the world, travel guides, the works of researchers who studied the Land of Israel in the nineteenth century, historical geography works, Biblical dictionaries and copies of the Bible and the New Testament that include maps. The collection also includes modern maps of Israel and the other countries in the region, as well as contemporary maps published in Israel and forwarded to the Library in accordance with the legal deposit laws. At the core of the Laor Collection there are some 1,500 ancient maps of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. The collection also includes ancient maps of other parts of the world and modern maps of Israel and of Israeli cities (from before and after the establishment of the State). The collection includes maps in European languages, Hebrew, Yiddish and Arabic.


* If a staff member is available, a short tour can be requested. It is advised to schedule the tour upon arriving at the Library (074-7336430)


To the left of the Eran Laor Collection is the Edelstein Collection of the history, philosophy and sociology of science.

The Edelstein Collection

The Edelstein Collection of the History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science (Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 09:00-14:00)

The Edelstein Collection covers all areas of the History, philosophy and sociology of science. It includes sources as well as secondary literature, periodicals and a reference section. This comprehensive collection covers the history of science, from the 16th century up to the present, and focuses primarily on the history of chemistry and alchemy, and the history of dyeing, bleaching and dry-cleaning of textiles. Additional collections include: The history of medicine in general as well as monographs on special medical topics: hygiene, materia medica, physiology, anatomy, surgery, an antiquarian collection devoted to diet and food, and a comprehensive collection of History of 20th Century Physics and Science.


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