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Librarians and Information Science Students

The National Library is at the cutting edge of Librarianship in Israel. Librarians and Information Science students are invited to come learn about the reception, classification, and cataloging process and see the advanced services the Library provides for the public and the broad digital work it holds.

A guided tour for Librarians and Information Professionals at the National Library includes a visit to the professional departments, a look at the readings rooms, and a visit at the digitization center. In addition, it is possible to have sit downs with the Librarians and Department managers about the unique processes at the National Library. 

Target Audience: Librarians and Information Science students

Duration: 1-2 hours
Number of participants: 10 people or more
Availability: Sunday-Thursday

The tour is free of charge.
Whether you are a librarian, a library administrator or an information sciences student, the National Library is the place for you. A treasury of professional information of every kind, precise and up to date, is at your disposal at the library.