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Students and Scholars

​Writing a research paper or undergraduate thesis? The primary sources of the Library are at your disposal.

The National Library is a central research library in the areas of Jewish studies, history of Israel studies, Islam and Middle East studies, and the Humanities in general. The library collections hold over 4 million books, dozens Hebrew publications, thousands of Hebrew and Arabic manuscripts, periodicals, hundreds of personal archives, the national archive of music, maps, photographs, and recordings.

The guided tour for students and scholars includes a visit in the reading rooms, instilling the tools for searching primary and secondary sources in the National Library collections, access to the research facilities of the library, opening a library card, and one-on-one training for using the digital library.

Undergraduate students are welcome to explore the National Library and its student services, visit the reading rooms relevant to their research, and practice using the digital library.

Graduate students, research fellows, and scholars are welcome to explore the special collections of the library further, meet the library curators, the collections managers, and explore unique items related to their research.

Lecturers interested in instilling their students' tools for research and expand their academic horizon are welcome to contact the visitors' center in order to coordinate a tour related to their research.

Target Audience: Students and Scholars
Duration: 1-2 hours
Number of participants: 10 people or more
Availability: Sunday-Thursday

The tour is free of charge.