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 About Online Catalogue

​​Online CatalogueThe collection of the National Library of Israel comprises some 5 million volumes. It includes books, manuscripts, newspapers, maps, music , audio-visual and electronic material, all ​in a wide variety of languages and scripts.

The Online Catalogue provides the tools to access this rich resource efficiently, whether you are looking for a specific item or topic, or whether you want to “browse” the collection virtually. It integrates in a single listing the majority of resources held by the Library, both in the stacks and in the various departments. It is also possible to limit your search to a particular sub-collection.


The Online Catalogue of the National Library provides the tools to retrieve the material found effectivly , whether for a particular item, a particular subject or search the collection freely. The Catalogue unifies a long list of library resources, the ones stored Tutogen as well as those who are in different departments. It is also possible to limit the search to a specific collection. Interface languages ​​are English and Hebrew. Material in Hebrew, Arabic, Cyrillic or Latin alphabet can be retrieved from any interface.
To facilitate the search there are several access points such as: keywords, author names, titles, Issues (The method of classification of the Library of Congress [LC] used the library).
There are a variety of advanced search options under various search terms. Search results can be sent directly to e-mail address.
What is not included in the catalogue?
Foreign Publications befor 1984, to search the manual card catalogue in the  library. Service Reference provides this service for readers who can not come to the library.
Archives of the personal archives. You can find a list of those archives on the library website.
In general, individual articles are not included in the collection. There are keys such as Rambi (List of Articles Jewish Studies) that can be reached through the library's Web site.
The basic search screen offers simple guidelines for orientation Online Catalogue. The reference for the library staff will be happy to render assistance as required.
Conversion of old catalogue cards was made possible by a generous donation from Henry Leir Foundation.