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The Henrietta Szold Institute

The Henrietta Szold Institute

 The National Institute for Research in the Behavioral Scienes

Information Center of the Szold Institute specializes in gathering information, developing databases and providing professional information services.


Enter the Szold  Database

Database of publications in the social sciences and education

Database includes bibliographic information and abstracts of the tens of thousands of publications and studies on education and social sciences, written by Israeli researchers and published in Israel and abroad. This is the only reservoir in which each item description bibliographic full and summary in Hebrew. Database collected information on books, articles, research reports and work degree and doctoral degrees in Hebrew and English, education, sociology, psychology, welfare, labor studies, demography, criminology, communications and administration and political science. The database includes publications from 1976 onwards. in certain areas there are publications in earlier years.
Research Tools
Database containing information on research tools used in studies conducted in the fields of education and society. It includes tools such as questionnaires, tests and scales. Description of each tool are listed among others in terms of data transfer tool and the validity and reliability, as they appeared in studies and the responsibility of the authors.