Terms of Use

A. Terms of Use
The use of materials (the “Materials”) from the Israeli Educational Television Network displayed on this website (the “Site”) is subject to the Israeli Copyright Law, 5768-2007 (the "Law" and/or the "Copyright Law") and the additional ownership limitations as specified herein. Subject to the Copyright Law, it is forbidden for the user to publically display or publish the Materials, in any way or through any means, including electronic or technical, without the prior written consent from the copyright owner.
The above does not derogate from the right of the user to "fair use" as specified in the Copyright Law or from any other legal right. The user must protect the "Moral Right" of the creator as defined in the Law.
It is hereby clarified that the Materials are intended for viewing only, and downloading the Materials onto any mobile or desktop device or onto any digital storage medium is strictly prohibited.

1. A Request for the Use of Copyright of Materials
A user who wishes to use Materials other than in accordance with “fair use” principles is solely responsible for obtaining the rights of use in the Materials as aforesaid, and undertakes to obtain permission for the requested use.
For further guidelines in connection with such a request, users should contact the Israeli Educational Television Network at the address: www.23tv.co.il. The National Library does not own the copyright in the Materials, and therefore please refrain from contacting the National Library requesting rights of use in the Materials.
2. Attribution
The Materials are presented courtesy of Channel 23- the Israeli Educational Television Network. Additional materials are viewable at the site of the Educational Television Network: www.23tv.co.il.

3. Changes in Terms of Use
The National Library is entitled to change the above terms of use at any time according to its sole discretion. These changes will come into force immediately with their publication and display on the Library's website. Users must follow updates to the terms of use of the Materials from time to time, on the Library's website.

4. Limitation of Liability
The user shall bear sole responsibility for the manner of use of materials and information displayed to the public by the National Library ( the “Service"). The Materials on the site are presented AS-IS and the Library, its employees, representatives and contractors, will not be held responsible for any damage, expense or loss caused to the user or any third party as a direct or indirect result of the use of the Service, including such damage, expense or loss caused by use of software applications that were directly downloaded through the Service or that were activated as a result of using the Service.

5. Software Rights
The Materials on this site are made to be exhibited by means of various types of software from time to time. The rights to those programs belong to the National Library or were licensed to the National Library by third parties, and it is forbidden to copy, distribute, transmit, deliver to a third party, perform reverse engineering or to perform any operation with these types of software other than using them to view the Materials on this site.

B. Submitting a Request for the Removal of an Item Accessible on the National Library Website
The National Library is committed to provide access to materials to the public in accordance with the law, and where there are no known limitations to exhibiting the material. If you think that there is a possibility that the Materials are in breach of copyright, please contact the following email address: [email protected] so that we will be able to investigate the matter. It is hereby clarified that the Israeli Educational Television Network is solely responsible for copyright of the Materials.