​​​One of the most characteristic features of the pre-State entity was the culture of hiking and touring. The rise of the youth movements, pioneer movements and the Histadrut, all lent further momentum to this pastime. The objective was to further several Zionist ideals, mainly getting to know the land, learning about the bible and the history of the Second Temple period, social cohesion, cultivating health consciousness and reinforcing both physical and mental stamina. Not only members of the youth movements, but many adults, took part in these excursions, with a view to creating a robust social ethos grounded in the new Hebrew culture. Prior to the establishment of the State, the excursions covered all of the historical land of Israel, neighboring countries, mainly Syria, Lebanon, and eastern Trans-Jordan.

  • Excursion to Mizpeh, Beit El and Shiloh, Tel Aviv Jaffa Workers' Union, 1933
  • Excursion to the Galilee, Union of Hebrew Clerks, Tel Aviv branch, 1950
  • Organized three-day Pesach trip to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the Galilee, 1930
  • Weekend in Haifa, Independence day trip, including military parade and strategic points on the Carmel, Department of Tourism, Tel Aviv, 1950
  • Cruise to Cyprus, Lloyd's of Palestine and Egypt Ltd.
  • Cruise on S.M.R. ship to Beirut (Lebanon), Piraeus (Greece), Kushta (Turkey) and Constanza (Romania)
  • Trips to Syria and Lebanon with "Hameshotet", 1929
  • Tour of Tel Hai and memorial at mass grave, Tel Aviv Cultural Committee, 1930
  • Excursion to Herzl Forest (Hulda), Ben Shemen to Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv Cultural Committee, 1933
  • Excursion to Jericho and the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv Cultural Committee, 1930


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