Collection of responsa and letters (Hebrew). 1614

Collection of responsa and epistles in Hebrew, copied by Judah Khallas.
N. African script. N. Africa. 1614. Heb. 8° 1771.
249 fols. 325 x 212 mm.
Includes: Halakhic responsa and various epistles some dealing with the controversy surrounding the philosophical works of Maimonides in the 13th century.
Incomplete collection. Many folios missing. Some illegible folios due to ink corrosion.
Among the Epistles are: A letter to his pupil Joseph ben Judah [ibn Sham'un] together with More Nevukhim, which was dedicated to his pupil; a letter to Samuel Ibn Tibbon concerning the latter's translation of More Nevukhim; a letter to his pupil Joseph ben Judah [ibn Sham'un], in Hebrew translated from Arabic by Samuel Ibn Tibbon; a letter to Pinchas ben Meshullam, Dayyan of Alexandria.
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