Collection of various works by Maimonides

Italian script. 14th century. Heb.8° 4280.
364 x 255 mm.
Moreh nevukhim. Translation of Samuel Ibn Tibbon. 3 parts. Fols. 2a-159b.
Perush ha-millim ha-zarot by Samuel Ibn Tibbon. Fols. 160a-175b.
Millot ha-higgayon. Translation of Moses Ibn Tibbon. Fols. 176a-184 b.
Perush Perek helek. Translation attributed to Judah Alharizi or Samuel Ibn Tibbon. Fols. 197a-203a.
Maamar tehiyyat ha-metim. Translation of Samuel Ibn Tibbon. Fols. 204a-210a.
Iggeret to Joseph Ibn Jabbar of Baghdad. At head: Maimonides' responsum to Joseph Ibn Jabbar of Baghdad. Ibn Jabbar was involved in the polemic between Maimonides and Samuel ben Ali, head of the Yeshiva in Baghdad. Jabbar, who tried to uphold the Rambam's honor, requested that he send replies to the accusations brought against him. Anonymous translation into Hebrew. Only the beginning survived. Fols. 210b.

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