Mishneh Torah. Illuminated. between 1300-1350.

Spain. Between the years 1300-1350. Sefardi square script. Heb. 4° 1193.
463 fols. 586 x 495 mm. On parchment.
In the margins are many important textual changes which correspond to those found in the version proofread by Maimonides himself. Bodleian Library, Huntington 80.
With illuminations (until fol. 40). Appears to be the most splendid among the Mishneh Torah manuscripts. The copyist from Spain hired an artist to illustrate the work leaving space in the margins for drawings, plates and illuminations. The artwork was done in Italy, possibly in the workshop of the craftsman Mateo Di Ser Cambio in Perugia in approximately 1400. A few ornamental headings and paragraphs were done in Spain.
At the end of the manuscript are three handwritten deeds of sale which throw light on the location of the manuscript: 1) Written in Avignon on: "Friday the 9th of Iyar in the year 5111" (1351). The seller: Don Luz [Louis] Shemuel de La Guardia of northern Spain. The buyer: Don Menashe Jacob Navarre of Avignon. Through the intermediary: Elijah ben Joseph known as Eliot Joseph Delahaye. 2) Written in Arles on "Rosh Chodesh Adar II in the year 5133" (1373). The seller: Don Abram Vidal de Bourrienne of Arles. The buyer: Judah 3) Written in Ferrara on "Friday, the 6th of Kislev, the 18th of November in the year 5308" (1547). The seller: Abraham ben Menahem Finzi of Rovigo. The buyers: The brothers Don Jacob and Don Judah, sons of Don Shemuel Abarbanel.
This manuscript had various Jewish owners in Frankfurt am Main from 1880. It was purchased by the Jewish National and University Library in 1966.

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