Collection of several works

Byzantine script. ca.13-14th century. Heb. 8° 3941.
288 x 215 mm.
Iggeret Tehiyyat ha-metim. Translation of Judah Alharizi. The Iggeret is preceded by the introduction of Joseph ben Joel, of which only the last part is extant.
Various medical writings. Anonymous translator. In collection of various works. Includes: a) Sefer ha-Kazeret - Treatise on asthma (from the original: Maqala Fi al-Rabw, Fols. 20a-78b). b) Maamar ha-Mishgal - Treatise on sexual intercourse (from the original: Fi al-Jima'a, fols. 79a-84b). c) Maamar Shemirat ha-Beriut - Guide to good health (from the original: Fi Tadbir al-Sihha, fols.84a-130b). d) Maamar ha-hakhraa - Explanation of coincidences (from the original: Maqala Fi Bayan al-A'rad, fols. 130b-156b). Other copies of these treatises in this translation are unknown.

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