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Mahzor according to the Italian rite

 Mahzor according to the Italian rite – The Moskowitz Mahzor. ms. Heb 1384

lluminated 15th century mahzor of prayers for the entire year according to the Italian ('Roman') rite, written and illuminated by Joel ben Simeon.

Manuscript. Italy. 15th century. Parchment. 376 folios. 20 x 29 cm.

The mahzor contains standard prayers, liturgical hymns (piyyutim), customs, instructions and regulations for the whole year, including weekdays, Sabbaths, New Moon, major and minor holidays and fast days according to the Italian rite.

The mahzor has many lovely decorations, all pen drawings in ink. It is rich in drawings of beasts and birds, imaginary and mythical creatures and symbols – heraldic, religious and astrological.

The Manuscript was donated to the Library by Mr. Henry Moskowitz in 1970 in memory of his parents, first wife, daughter and brother, and the rest of his family who perished in the Holocaust.


Zucker, Shlomo. The Moskowitz Mahzor of Joel Ben Shimon. Jerusalem, Jewish National and University Library, 2005. L, 102 p.

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