• Parchment scroll on a carved wooden staff Click to enlarge
    Scroll of Esther with colored illustrations. Ferrara, Italy, 1616.
  • A photograph taken at the Purim procession in Tel-Aviv, 1926. From the collections of the Archives Department of the JNUL.
  • “Joy of Purim” – typical of paintings hung in the home before Purim, depicting the Pisces sign of the zodiac for the month of Adar.
  • From the stories of the Book of Esther; a lithograph by Moshe ben Yitzhak Mizrachi. Jerusalem, beginning of the 20th cent.
  • A poster from the collections of the Archives Department of the JNUL.
  • Hymns for Purim, with blessings on reading the Book of Esther , on a richly decorated sheet, similar in style to Persian illustrated marriage contracts. 1920. Square script.
  • The title-page is decorated with flowers. Click to enlarge
    Sommerhausen, Zvi Hirsch. Haggadah for the Night of the Drunkards. Mondovi, (Italy), 1856. Manuscript copied in semi-cursive Italian script, from the Amsterdam print of 1849.
  • Siddur according to the Sefardi rite. Click to enlarge
  • “wipe out the memory of Amalek” (Devarim 25:17-18) Click to enlarge
    Calmet, Augustin. Dictionnaire historique, critique, chronologique, geographique et litteral de la Bible. Paris, Emery, Saugrain, [and] P. Martin, 1730. 4 v. V.3: an engraving of the interior of the synagogue on Purim.Depicted is the custom of breaking t
  • German Jewish genre- and portrait-painter Click to enlarge
    Oppenheim, Moritz Daniel, 1799-1882. Bilder aus dem altjüdischen Familien-Leben. Frankfurt am Main, H. Keller, 1882.
  • Manger, Itzik. Die Megille; das grosse Text- und Liederbuch. Text in Yiddish, English and German. Music, Dov Seltzer; illustrations, Shemuel Bunim. Dresden, Megille-Verlag-Dresden, c1998.
  • The Scroll of Esther, illustrated by Zeev Raban. Jerusalem, 1936. [11] p.