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Haggadah Kefar Shemaryhau, 1948

 Haggadah from Kefar Shemaryhau, from the year 1948

A local addition to the Passover Haggadah, written by residents of Kefar Shemaryahu, “Yekes” and their offspring, expressing remorse over their assimilation and telling the story of Kefar Shemaryahu and the period, including the story of the initial days of the War of Independence. “We were free – we the present-day residents of Kefar Shemaryahu – in the land of Ashkenaz. Traders, lawyers, doctors, writers, and artists… but we did not guard our vineyards, and we neglected the ideas of our nation and its traditions. We attended foreigners’ schools. We did not know the language of our nation, and we forgot the Holy Books of the Israeli nation…”