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Concerning the eating of Matzah

  Controversy against machine matzah matzah hand; kosher matzah baking plants

The Obligation of eating matzah on Passover has began a quarrel with the appearance of the machine to bake matzah in Galicia.
Rabbi Shlomo Kluger of Brody (1783-1869) published a pamphlet in which ad to banned the use of Matza baked in the machine.
To the call joined with hime many dynastic leaders and important rabbis.
Against him, Rabbi Joseph Saul Nathanson of Lemberg (Lvov) (1808-1875)in a book pamphlet named "Cancel Listing" and dismissed all the concerns mentioned in the pamphlet by Rabbi Kluger.a other group of Rabbi's joined Rabbis Nathanson. Echoes of this debate, turned up in Jerusalem in 5668 (1908) This great debate that took place in many leaflets that were distributed in Jerusalem for and against the commandment of a machine. The controversy apparently began, Rabbi Dovid Tzvi Shlomo Biderman, llover Rebbe in Jerusalem.