Rosh HaShana

  • A selection of greeting cards for Rosh Ha-Shana taken from the Rosh Ha-Shana greetings cards collection in the archives department
  • A. Durlacher, 1884 a French protestant artist and engraver. Click to enlarge
    Picart. Bernanrd, 1673-1733. Scenes de la vie juive. Paris.
  • opening 84r: drwing to-Az be Yom Kippur. Click to enlarge
    Mahzor for Yom Kippor. Ashkenazi rite. Manuscript on parchment. Germany. Mid 14th century,
  • A German-Jewish composer. Click to enlarge
    Lewandowski, Louis, 1821-1894. Kol Nidre. (Arrangement for piano). Berlin. W. Sxhroeder. (190-)
  • Opening leaves with micrographic drawings of hunting scenes and the candelabrum. Click to enlarge
    Mahzor for Rosh Ha-Shana and Yom Kippur. Manuscript on parchment. Catalonia. Spain. Ca. 1280.
  • Opening 203. "unetane toqef". A complete siddur for the whole year. Click to enlarge
    Siddur written for a lady by Abraham Farisol. Manuscript on parchment. Mantua, 1480 opening 200 "Ose ha-shalom".
  • Stone print. Seder Rosh Ha-shana. With an illustration of the binding of Isaac. Click to enlarge
    Takalif do shab rosh ha-shana. May you be inscribed …(Teheran). Yitzhak Geula. 1927.
  • . Rabbi Chaim Vital. Click to enlarge
    The "Seder Ushpizin" for sitting on the Sukka for the seven days of Sukkot, according to the meditations prescribed by R. Hayyim Vital additions by Shemuel Yisrael ben Meir.In the form of an ornamental calendar it is illustrated with the hands from the pr
  • Mahzor Worms. Manuscript on parchment 1272 opening of vol. 2 an illustration for the blessing on light for the day of Atonement – "who opens us the gates of mercy" the original second part o fthe Mahzor was lost and replaced by another. Resembling in size
  • Music for Luzzatto's text, Tel-Aviv, Israel music publications, 1974. Click to enlarge
    Luzzatto, Moshe Hayyim/ song of the synagogue; a song for the "bridegrooms" of the Torah and the "Book of Genesis. Single page, Amsterdam, 1738. Abraham le-el elim, cantata.