Terms of use

 Terms of Use Pashkavil Collection

The Use of images from the National Library Collections, as well as their duplication and reproduction, partially or totally , in electronic or paper copies, are limited to use for private study, scholarship or research. To obtain permission to use materials, should be written to archives@nli.org.il.
In case of use of any material please acknowledge the source:
"National Library of Israsel".
​The National Library of Israel provides accessibility to the public materials subject to applicable laws and when there are no known restrictions on the accessibility of the material. If there is any infringement concern or question about, please write to us to copyright@nli.org.il In order to clarify the issue.
Written notice, Must have the following information:
1. Applicant's contact information.
2. Full bibliographical details of the material.
3. Proof of copyright ownership or documentation
authorized representative of the copyright owners.

If after a preliminary examination content will be determined clearly justifies referral, we will prevent access to them as soon  as possible until the final determination on the matter.