This website includes daily press and periodicals which are published in Israel. The website does not reflect the whole collection of press at the National Library. Rather it is meant to be a preservation tool for newspapers printed on paper which have been microfilmed until June 2014 and have now been transferred to digital preservation which ensures their preservation for generations to come.

The Press Department will do its best to enhance and enrich the collection. Our plans are to add newspapers beyond those which are included in the collection at present. We invite our users and all interested parties who have newspapers and periodicals published in Israel in the past or in the present and which are not included in the website, to point us to them. We will be glad to consider their inclusion in the website, subject to the policy and considerations guiding the National Library.

In spite of our efforts to build as wide-ranging and comprehensive a website as possible, the users should be aware of a number of limitations:

1.​ Adding newspapers requires time, which means there is a gap between the time we receive a newspaper and the time it appears in the website. The Library endeavors to make the gap as short as possible.
2.​ The newspapers appear in the website as we receive them from the publishers. Therefore, there may be slight problems in the way a newspaper or a specific page are shown. We will be glad to receive your observations with the aim of completing the information and correcting it when necessary.
3.​​ The press website allows access to the newspapers only from within the National Library's building, according to copyright regulations. Copying or printing of whole newspapers is not allowed. Single pages or specific articles may be printed in accordance with the capabilities of the program and subject to the binding legal restrictions.