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Bible, Spain, 14th Century

 Eearly and later prophets with vocalizations, accentuation, masorah magana and masotah parva

Manuscript. Spain, 14th century.

Parchment. 481 fols. 160 x 130 mm. sefaradi square script. Two columns per page.

Jewish National and University Library 8°4411.

The Masorah Magana is copied in micrography in the form of geometrical ornamentations or floral motifs. Between each book of the lesser Prophets are illuminations of zoomorphic or botanical motifs in gold, purple, red and ochre.

234v.: Deed of sale of this manuscript and other books, 1520, in Italian cursive script.

Opening: (444v-445r): End of the Book of Amos and the beginning of the Book of Obadiah.


Bible, Spain, 14th Century