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Archive Catalogue

The computerized catalogue of the Archive Department is arranged hierarchically, as follows:
Division – General description of the archive
Series – General subdivision of the archive according to topic
Files – Detailed listing of the items contained in each series
All archives have Division entries, but not all archives have Series or Files. Some of the archive entries are in Hebrew, others in English, depending on their contents.
How to search:
1. To search for archival fonds, select the search option title starting with and enter "archive of" or "collection of" followed by first name and surname. For example: "Archive of Martin Buber" or "Collection of Joseph Trumpeldor".
2. You may also search by archive creator, for example: Agnon, Shai, or Buber, Martin.
3. Keyword search, using a key word that is likely to appear in any field in the various entries. For example: agunot. 
Advanced search: In addition to the basic search, you have the option of an advanced search using multiple keywords in different fields as well as date ranges.
Enter the Archive Department's computerized catalogue here.