What is archival material?

According to the Archives Law (1955), archival material is "anything written on paper or any other medium or any sketch, diagram, map, drawing, musical notation, file, photograph, film, recording and the like (1) that are to be found in a state institution or a local authority, excluding material that is not original; (2) that are to be found anywhere and that can be used for researching the past, the nation, the state or society or that are related to the memory or activities of well-known people."

​What is an archive?

An archive is a collection of archival material that has been created as a result of the activities of a person or an organization. An archive is also the repository where archives are stored, for example, The State Archives.

What is a personal archive?

A personal archive (bequest)  consists of archival material that has been created as a result of a person's activities during their lifetime, for instance, personal documents, correspondence, manuscripts, photographs and digital material. Sometimes the personal archive may contain collections that that person has assembled.

What constitutes an archival collection?

An archival collection comprises a group of archival documents, photographs, newspaper cuttings or any other archival material that was specially brought together by an institution or an individual. Unlike in an archive, the connection between the collection's items is based on a common subject. Sometimes the collection is part of a personal or institutional archive, when it is assembled within the framework of the activities of that person or institution.
If a small section of a personal or institutional archive is kept in an institution other than that which houses the main body of the archive, it is also called a "collection".

What is the difference between an archive and a collection?

Unlike a personal archive or a bequest, a collection is created by a third party. Typically, collections are devoted to a particular subject that can be a part of a particular individual's activitie.Contents of personal collections dedicated to  individuals can include: Letters, articles written by or about that person, newspaper clippings, photos and more. Other collections may be focused on other issues such as: photos, autographs and more