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Online Orders

We are pleased to inform you of our new convenient online ordering system.

For ordering online you must be registered on the National Library website.


There are two options for searching and ordering materials from our archives.

The other option is to search via the general National Library catalogue that contains materials from the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People and the National Library.

You can search by subject, then, press on the magnifying glass.


You can use additional Merhav search criteria such as creation dates, language, Collection number and more.


 In order to see results of the archives' collection, you must filter the results by pressing on the CAHJP option on your left:

Search Results

If you did not retrieve the correct search results, please check for spelling errors or try using different phrasing.

Please note that the system will search using the exact words you have entered. The system will search through the descriptive information only. If the words you have used in your search are not included in the description of the item, you will receive no results.

Important! Your search query should be in the language corresponding to the language of the documents you want to find: if you assume that the documents are written in German, your request should be in German, documents in Polish - put a search statement in Polish, etc.
Under the three dots symbol you will be given different options of what you can do with your search result including save, print and more.



Clicking on “details” will give you a full description of the chosen item:



Ordering Items

Please note that our Archives are situated in a separate location from the National Library!



To order items from the stacks you need to first log into the system with your username and password.  

There are three steps to ordering items:
1. Choose the item you want to order.
2. Mark the CHAJP desk to have the item delivered here.
3. Click “Order”
Once the item has arrived to our reading hall, a mail confirming the arrival will be sent to you.

The item will typically arrive to the reading room within 30 to 45 minutes during opening hours.
Orders arriving out of working hours will be attended to the following working day.

Please Note: Some of our materials are stored in a facility located outside the archives, therefore when ordering such items; it may take up to 3 working days for the materials to arrive to the archives.


Narrowing Down Search Results

On the right side of the results screen there is an advanced bar with options to refine your search results.

The top option is to refine your search based on relevance, chronological order, or according to the name of the collection.


From the search results you can select a refining facet and get refined results based on your screening.


With the help of the different categories you can refine the search results to a more exact list. For example: Locations and Dates.

My Favorites

If an item seems interesting to you and you want to save the reference for future use, you can save the item using the pin feature.

Items that are pinned will be stored in your favorites and you can view them at any time. 


You can also email or print the list in its entirety.
Please note, that if you did not find something you were looking for in Merhav, this does not mean that we don’t have it. Therefore, you are much invited to write to us to [email protected]