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Present Time

 The Department of Manuscripts and the IMHM at Present

​​​​​​Hebrew manuscripts The search for Hebrew manuscripts continues. While most of the large collections have been traced and microfilmed, hundreds of individual manuscripts or small collections are hidden away in remote libraries or repose almost forgotten in attics together with other family heirlooms.

Thousands of pages from ancient Hebrew books were used to bind other volumes or archival records in dozens of libraries and archives throughout Europe, unrecorded in any catalogue. The Department of Manuscripts and the IMHM is making efforts to uncover these precious writings and make them available for study. Each year, hundreds of letters and questionnaires are sent out to libraries, museums and private collectors all over the world. Newspapers, journals and scholarly publications are carefully scrutinized for any information relating to Hebrew manuscripts. Though these methods do yield results, they have severe limitations. Not all the sources holding manuscripts are reached and many of those to whom we apply are unaware of the cultural value of the treasures they possess or for various reasons decline to cooperate. It would be of utmost importance to launch a wide ranging and well-publicized search for these manuscripts but at this point budgetary restraints prevent the Institute from carrying out such a program.