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Tuesday, June 5th

Tuesday, June 5th


Fourth Session:
Collecting Separately, Collecting Collaboratively




Coffee Break




Fifth Session:
Presenting Collections




Lunch at the Wise Auditorium Building




The Jerusalem Archaeological Park and the Western Wall Tunnels




Dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel



Fourth Session: Collecting Separately, Collecting Collaboratively
Tuesday, June 5th, 10:00-11:30



​Haggai Ben-Shammai
Academic Director and Head of Collections, National Library of Israel





William Gross
Director, Gross Family Collection
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Collecting Collectively





Arthur Kiron
Schottenstein-Jesselson Curator of Judaica Collections, University of Pennsylvania


David Kraemer
Joseph J. and Dora Abbell Librarian, Jewish Theological Seminary


David J. Gilner
Director of Libraries, Hebrew Union College


Fifth Session: Presenting Collections
Tuesday, June 5th, 10:00-12:30
Chair  Ruth Calderon
Head of Culture and Educational Programmes, National Library of Israel




Sharon Liberman Mintz
Curator of Jewish Art at the Library, Jewish Theological Seminary
Virtual and Physical Exhibits and their Role in the 21st Century




Allison Kupietzky
Collections Database Manager, Israel Museum


Dror Oberman
Director of Educational Programs, National Library of Israel


George S. Blumenthal
President, Center for Online Judaic Studies


A Tour of Classic Jerusalem:
The Jerusalem Archaeological Park and the Western Wall Tunnels
Tuesday, June 5th, 14:30-18:30






The Jerusalem Archaeological Park, Israel’s most important antiquity site, reaches the Temple Mount on the north, the slope of the Mount of Olives and the Kidron Valley on the east, and the Valley of Hinnom on the west and the south. This exceptional area which has captivated the world’s imagination throughout history, has been designated as an archaeological park and open museum. We will visit the Park and follow events spanning some 5000 years, beginning with the Canaanite (Bronze) Age and continuing through the days of the Israelite monarchy in the First Temple period. The splendors of the Second Temple and the impressive architecture of King Herod, dating to the second half of the first century BCE are a key element in the park, and the remains and monumental structures dating to the Christian and Muslim periods are clearly visible. During a fascinating tour of the Western Wall Tunnels, hidden layers of the Wall will be revealed underground. These walls tell the story of ancient Jerusalem and of generations of longing for it.


Dinner in honor of Mr. Ezra Gorodetzky, longtime friend of the National Library of Israel
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Haaliya Hashniya 1, Jerusalem
Tuesday, June 5th, 19:00-20:30

 Keynote Speaker



Moshe Rosman
Koschitzky Department of Jewish History, Bar Ilan University
Keeping the Culture


Professor Rosman's talk will begin with an exploration of ways of conceptualizing culture, asking how these differential modes might apply to Jewish culture. The focus will then turn to the search for a metaphor to describe the relationship between Jewish and non-Jewish cultures. After presenting these theoretical considerations, there will be an examination of how several veteran libraries dedicated to preserving, presenting and disseminating Jewish culture turn theory into practice.