Terms of Use

The National Library of Israel has created the Israel Internet Archive pursuant to the National Library Law 5768-2007. The website appearing in the Israel Internet Archive have been harvested, to the extent possible, as they appeared on the internet at the time of harvesting, in accordance with the objectives of the Archive, namely preservation and providing access to the public under fair use provisions. NLI shall not be liable for any copyright violation on the harvested sites, and any such liability shall be borne by the website owner.

Use of the materials from the Israel Internet Archive, as well as their reproduction or duplication, either partially or in their entirety, in either electronic or paper format is strictly limited to private study, scholarship or research, in accordance with principles of fair use delineated in the Israel Copyright Law, 5768-2007.

Any other use of materials from the Israel Internet Archive requires permission from the copyright holder in said materials. You are invited to contact us by e-mail at Copyright@nli.org.il for further information. NLI shall not be liable for any use of the Israel Internet Archive which infringes intellectual property rights.
To remove any doubt, nothing in the aforesaid shall derogate from the general terms of use for the National Library of Israel website.