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From a Curator's Desk: The Humanities Collection


Dr. Milka Levi Rubin, the curator of the General Humanities Collection at the National Library.


Milka specializes in the History of Late Antiquity and the Early Muslim Period.

In 2002 here book The Continuatio of Abu al-Fath al-Danafi was published by Darwin Press in Princeton, comprising a commented translation with an extensive introduction of a Samaritan chronicle written in Judeo-Arabic dealing with the history of the Samaritan community in Palestine from the beginning of the Islamic period until the 10th century.

Her following book: Non-Muslims in the Early Islamic Empire: from Surrender to Coexistence was published by Cambridge University Press in 2011. The book deals with the consolidation of the legal and social status of Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians under Islamic rule. In addition, she has published many articles dealing with these eras.

Furthermore, Milka researches the history of the mapping of the Holy Land. Lately she has published a paper about the origins of a map of medieval Palestine:
"From Eusebius to the Crusader Maps: The Origin of the Holy Land Maps", Visual Constructs of Jerusalem, eds. B. Kühnel, G. Noga-Banai, H. Vorholt, Brepols: Turnhout 2014, pp. 253 – 264.

Milka Levi-Rubin
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A Page from Isaac Newton's Theological Writings Collection
Few are aware that alongside his pursuits in the exact sciences, he dealt broadly in topics that we would define today as the humanities. Newton’s theological writings include commentary on sacred texts, study of the structure of the tabernacle and the Temple, theology, calculations predicting the end of the world, alchemy and ancient history.