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Sidney Edelstein Collection

 The Sidney Edelstein Collection

Sidney Edelstein CollectionThis comprehensive collection covers the history of science, from the 16th century up to the present, and focuses primarily on the history of chemistry and alchemy, and the history of dyeing, bleaching and dry-cleaning of textiles. The collection is subdivided into three sections.

 1. History of Chemistry and Alchemy

History of Chemistry and AlchemyThis section covers a wide range of topics, concentrating mainly on alchemy and chemistry, but includes other natural sciences as well. The majority of this section deals with the development of chemistry starting from the 16th century, and is therefore of great value for both historians of science and chemists. It includes items in theoretical and experimental chemistry, and in subjects ranging from physics, biology, pharmacology, crystallography, and mineralogy. Many biographies, bibliographies, historical studies and primary sources on chemistry and science in general can be found in this section. Included are books of Libavius (1597), Palissy (1580), Glauber (1689), Boerhaave (1732), Berzelius (1806-8), and Bunsen (1857) and the complete works of Boyle, Chaptal, Chevreul, Lavoisier, Priestley, and Pasteur. It also includes six volumes of Black, and an autographed volume by Fordyce, as well as a group of rare items dealing with radioactivity and the Curies.

2. Tinctoria, dyes and dyeing

Tinctoria, dyes and dyeingThis section covers the history of chemistry and the technology of textiles. It is believed to be the most extensive and comprehensive collection of books, manuscripts, and documents about this particular branch of industrial chemistry. This section includes the complete set of the various editions of Gionventura Rosetti's Plichto de L'arte de Tentori (Vinezia 1548), the first known printed book devoted exclusively to dyeing. 
In addition to books on dyeing, dyes, and dyers, there are many items on textile processes in general, pigments, paints and painting, tanning, dry-cleaning, etc. This section also includes historical, legal and trade documents of the dye and dyeing industry.

3. History of Technology and Americana

The items in this section deal with technology from ancient to modern times. There are items on various topics of technological significance, as well as books on the technology of textile dyeing, which support the Tinctoria section. Found here are the books of Georg Agricola (1556), Andree Cesalpino (1596), and Biringuccio (1540). 
Sidney M. Edelstein (1912 - 1994)
Sidney M. Edelstein (1912 - 1994)
Dr. Sidney Milton Edelstein was founder in 1945 of Dexter Chemical Corporation New York.
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