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 Humanities Press & Periodicals Collection

Press & PeriodicalsThe Library’s collection of periodicals in the humanities is the oldest and most comprehensive in Israel, including numerous items that are not available elsewhere.
The collection encompasses 1,300 periodicals in diverse fields and in various languages written in Latin script, published mainly in Europe and the USA. The collection includes research and professional journals as well as popular periodicals. An increasing proportion of the material is digital and is accessible through the Library computers or from users’ PCs.
The Library also serves as the deposit library for the United Nations and the European Union, and is the only library in Israel that provides access to all the printed and electronic publications of these institutions (e.g. the OECD database).

Thematic areas

The periodicals relate to the social science and humanities, including the fields of literature, history, linguistics, philosophy, human rights, religions and so forth, as well as periodicals in the field of librarianship and information science.
Most of the periodicals are purchased, although many are received free of charge.