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 History Collection

History CollectionEuropean history, from antiquity until the present, is a major field of study in the humanities.

The historical collection at the National Library includes major researches on ancient Greece, Hellenism, the Roman Republic and Imperial Rome, late antiquity and the Byzantine Empire; a broad collection covering the Middle-Ages, with an emphasis on the Crusades; the Renaissance and early and late modernity.

The history collection includes many literary sources in their original languages and their translations as well as encyclopedias, dictionaries and lexicons and secondary materials. A major section of the history collection includes a series of resources from prominent national collections, among them England, France, Germany and Italy.


This series includes secondary materials as well. The collection also includes materials covering the history of Eastern Europe, Non-Muslim Africa, as well as basic resources regarding the history and geography of different nations and countries.

European Linguistics

The linguistics collection at the National Library contains materials and tools focusing on past and present European languages.