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Chanukah at the National Library

Chanukah play, Ra'anana, 1948

Use primary sources from the National Library of Israel to enrich your educational activities for Chanukah.

Through these sources students will discover a variety of Chanukah customs and explore how Jews at different times and in different places celebrated Chanukah.


The National Library is piloting selected educational materials in English – for queries and feedback please contact us.

Chanukah play, Ra'anana, 1948

Primary Sources for Chanukah
Photographs, posters, and articles about Chanukah. Each primary source is accompanied by discussion points and suggestions for teachers.​
·         Chanukah play, Ra'anana, 1948
·         Chanukah Ball
​A Worksheet for Chanukah
A worksheet focusing on a picture that was drawn by the famous Israeli artist Nachum Guttman for the Chanukah issue of a Hebrew children's newspaper.
Students will use the worksheet to study the picture and consider the connection between Chanukah and the Zionist cause.

Chanukah Music

In the music department of the National library you can find thousands of recordings of Jewish and Israeli music.
Click here to listen to the Chanukah candle blessings from around the world.





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