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La Epoca
Frequency: Weekly/ Bi-Weekly (up to 1910), Daily (1910-1911)
Language: Judaeo-Spanish
1875 - 1911
Publication Place: Thessaloniki \ Salonika
Editors: Saʻadi ben Betsalel Halevi (1875-1898), Shmuel (Sam) Saʻadi Halevi (1898-1911)

La Epoca was the most important Jewish Newspaper published in Thessaloniki, and was one of the most important Ladino language newspapers overall. Published for close to 40 years by Saʻadi ben Betsalel Halevi, and later by his son, Shmuel (Sam) Saʻadi Halevi.


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Issues Available on Site:
1,055 Issues
8,034 Pages
Between years: 1875-1907


Quality Status: Good
The digital edition was produced from the original paper copy. The majority of problems in this copy are concentrated in the margins of the pages and are related to signs of binding, faded paper, and torn pages.