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Fréquence: Weekly / Monthly
Langue: Hébreu
1896 - 1914
Lieu de publication: Jerusalem
Rédacteurs: Ben-Zion Abraham Cuenca
The short description appearing here is temporary and will be replaced soon by a more detailed article.

"Hameasef" journal was first published in 1896 by Ben-Zion Abraham Cuenca, who was one of the prominent figures of the Sephardic community in Jerusalem at the time.

The Journal published an array of responsa, articles, and commentaries on religious matters and affairs, sent by writers worldwide. At first the journal was published weekly (as a supplement to Hazvi/Havazelet), and from the third year onwards it was published independently once a month.

The editing of the journal was done exclusively by Cuenca during this whole timespan, for almost 20 years. The economic and political crisis of World War I destabilized the financial base of the journal's readers, up to the point where Cuenca ceased its publication in late 1914.

-  Prof. Zvi Zohar, "Daat Hamakom"
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Entre les années: 1896-1914


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