Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the address of the site?
Q: What falls under the category "Jewish press"
A: See, About the Site: Content​
Q: I would like to save an edition from your site onto my computer, how can I do this?
A: Open the edition and click on the disk icon on the top right. The edition will open in a new window. In the new window, click on the disk icon on the bottom right and the edition will be saved in a file of your choosing on your computer. The edition will be saved as a PDF.
Q: How can I browse the pages of the edition I am viewing?
A: In the blue tools ruler at the top of the page, there is a "Thumbnails" button. Click on the icon next to it and a new window will open. In that window you can see small pictures of the pages of the edition as well as the number of pages.
Q: Is it possible to save a file in "My Collection" and then view it on a different computer?
A: Articles that are saved in "My Collection" are saved on the browser that you are using, and therefore it is not possible to open them on a different computer. They can only be viewed but the computer and browser on which you saved the articles.
Locating the Relevant Newspapers
Q: How can I know in advance what all the newspapers written in a certain language are? (For example: All the newspapers written in Hebrew).
A: You can use the filtering tabs on the side of the page. You can filter the newspapers according to language, country of publication, year of publication and section.
Q: Can you find a newspaper in one language while using an interface in another language? (For instance: Viewing a French newspaper while using a Hebrew interface).
A: Yes, however make sure that the search is done in the language in which the newspaper is published. So, for instance, you can search the Palestine Post (which is an English language newspaper) via the Hebrew search interface, however, you must enter the words in English only.
Q: I did a search and received 0 results, what can I do?
A: There are a few things you can do:
1. If you limited the search according to type of media, try the search again without the limit.
2. If you used an apostrophe in the search, remove it and search again.
3. For searches in languages that contain accents, it is recommended that you include the accent in the search.
4. Did you search for the right phrase? Since you are dealing with historical newspapers it is possible that the phrase or name has undergone changes over the years. It is recommended to read the following page for more information and tips.
5. For advanced users: you can use the * in order to locate phrases via truncation.
Q: I did a search a received a large number of results. What can I do?
A: In order to reduce and hone the results, read the user information page as well as the search tips page.
Q: When I print an article it comes out cut off at the sides. How do I prevent this?
A: In situations like this, print the article widthwise and not lengthwise. To do this, choose preferences in the Print interface. Search the Layout categories and choose Landscape instead of Portrait (which is the default setting).
Paper Copies
Q: Do you have physical copies of the newspapers?
A: Physical copies of some of the publications do are extant at the National Library in Jerusalem and other libraries. In order to locate those copies, search for the name of the newspaper in the ULI database.
Q: Are you able to send (for free, or for pay) printed pages of the newspapers to users?
A: Please contact the National Library in Jerusalem, or the editorial staff of the newspaper itself.
Links to the articles
Q: Can I link to an article by copying the address from the article page?
A: No, the addresses of the articles are dynamic. Links linked to it won't work. (See the following question for information on how to create a permanent link to an article.)
Q: How do I link to an article I located on your website?
A: In order to create a permanent link to an address from the site, take the following steps:
1. Open the article in the article interface and choose Send via Email by clicking on the icon of the envelope or by choosing Article ˂ Send.
2. Send the email to yourself. Make sure to write your address in the To: field
3. After a few seconds you will receive an email in your inbox with a permanent link to the requested article.
4. You can copy this link and imbed it in the website/page where you would like the article to be linked from.


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  • 01.08.2019, Thursday
    Emile Gabbay

    Jewish Historical Press extends sincere condolences to the Family of Emile Gabbay, one of the founders of the Jewish-Egyptian Press section on the website and a dear partner of the Project, who passed away earlier this week.

  • 31.07.2019, Wednesday
    ‘Haaretz’ newspaper

    ‘Haaretz’ newspaper is now online up to 1959

  • 31.07.2019, Wednesday
    'Koteret Rashit’ newspaper

    'Koteret Rashit’ newspaper is now fully available online

  • 31.07.2019, Wednesday
    ‘HaOlam' newspaper

    ‘HaOlam' newspaper is now fully available online

  • 15.03.2017, Wednesday
    The addition of the paper La Epoca to the website

    La Epoca was the most important Jewish Newspaper published in Thessaloniki,

  • 17.02.2016, Wednesday
    Additions to the Sentinel

    The Sentinel, a weekly paper for the Chicago Jewish community, now includes issues from 1950-1951. Issues from 1952-1977 will be added in the coming months.

  • 31.01.2016, Sunday
    20 Polish titles added

    In collaboration with the Polish National Library, 20 new titles have been added in the past 2 months. The titles may be found in the Jewish Press in Poland section, which will continue to expand this year.

  • 15.12.2015, Tuesday
    The addition of the paper פֿאָרװערטס to the website

    פֿאָרװערטס, one of the most important papers of the Jewish American community, has been added to the website, including over 100,000 pages.

  • 26.11.2015, Thursday
    The addition of the Sephardic paper "Aherout" to the website

    The "Aherout" paper was published in Jerusalem during the years 1910-1917, the only paper published in Hebrew during the WWI

  • 01.02.2015, Sunday
    The Addition of the journal Kol HaAm

    In August of 1937, the Palestinian Communist Party started publishing a monthly newspaper in Hebrew called "Kol HaAm"