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Nowe życie
Frequency: Weekly
Language: Yiddish
1927 - 1939
Country: Poland
Publication Place: Kalisz
Editors: E.J. Mamelok

A non-partisan weekly published in Kalisz (a town in central Poland) from 1927. Until 1937 under the name קאַלישער לעבּען ('Kaliszer Life'), and between 1937-1939 under the name דאָס נייע לעבּען- and these 3 years are available here on our website.

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Issues Available on Site:
91 Issues
448 Pages
Between years: 1939-1937


The material is brought to you from the collections of the following institutions:
The National Library of Poland - Biblioteka Narodowa


Quality Status: Good
The microfilm copy is in a fair condition. There are various problems with tearing, blurred print, stains, and black streaks. Some of these problems stem from the newspaper’s original printing, while others are a result of the copies’ storage conditions.