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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

 Interlibrary loan – document delivery service

​​Patrons of other libraries can borrow books from the National Library's collections via the Interlibrary Loans department, which also provides document delivery services.


National Library readers can borrow books from other libraries both in Israel and abroad. Students and faculty at Israeli universities can access this service via the interlibrary loans departments at their respective institutions

Readers must be registered in the Library Catalog in order to place an order.
Orders can be placed by emailing the Library's Interlibrary Loan Service: 

 A Notice Regarding Copyright Restrictions


The Copyright Act, 5768-2007 (Israel) applies to making photocopies, scans and other copies of copyright protected material.
The National Library of Israel will provide copies of material from its collection in print or in digital format according to the Copyright Act. 
The National Library of Israel reserves the right to refuse a request if, in its opinion, supplying the copies will involve breaching of the Copyright Act.
In certain cases, the Library will require the applicant to present written approval from the copyright owner.
Under certain conditions stated in the Law, the National Library of Israel will provide a copy of a work, or part  of it, for purposes of “Fair Use” as defined in the Copyright Act, such as for purposes of research or teaching. Applicant who uses the copy for any other purpose will be liable for breaching of copyright.