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 "The Book of Books in the House of Books"

Bible-related treasures from the National Library's core collections include a handwritten letter from David Ben-Gurion about creationism and prayer; a page of the Gutenberg Bible, the first mass-printed book in history; a "Damascus Crown" Bible produced in Spain in 1260; a stunning miniature Christian Bible handwritten and illuminated for the use of traveling monks in the 13th century; rare illustrated Islamic manuscripts depicting the story of Joseph; an Orit (the holiest Ethiopian Jewish text), which was carried from rural Ethiopia through Sudan before ultimately coming to Jerusalem; and a Hebrew Bible printed in Portugal in 1491, among the first Hebrew printed books, which was recently acquired as part of the famed Valmadonna Trust Library.


P​eshitta​: A Syriac translation of the Bible, 9th century, Turkey

Entry is free!

 ‭(Hidden)‬ 1960: Israel in the year the National Library Opened

1960The cornerstone-laying ceremony for the future home of the National Library – on 5 April 2016 – not only marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in our history. It also sets in motion the process of bidding farewell to the library's current home on the Givat Ram campus. We have decided at this historic moment, as a gesture to the generation of dreamers and builders, to focus on the year when this building was inaugurated: 1960.

1960 was a year of restraint, set between the struggles and crises that preceded it and those that would follow. This exhibition, from the treasures of the National Library, is a tribute to the library of 1960, from whose spirit we will draw inspiration as we build the Library's new home for the next hundred years.
April 6th – October 28th, 2016
Availability: Sunday-Friday
Entrance is free of charge.


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