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Terms of Use

 Terms of Use; The National Library of Israel

The National Library of Israel (hereinafter: the "National Library") offers the information on this on-line site/internet site (hereinafter: the "service") pursuant to the following terms of use.

The term "user" as follows constitutes any person who makes or accesses a connection to the service.

According to the copyright law in force in Israel, and pursuant to international treaties, copyright in the material provided by the service belongs to the National Library, unless explicitly stated otherwise. These rights apply, inter alia, to text. pictures, drawings, maps, audio tracts, video material, graphics and program applications (hereinafter: "the protected material"), unless stated explicitly that the copyright in the protected material belongs to another party.

The user may make "fair use" only of the protected material, as established by law. Such fair use includes quoting from the protected material in a reasonable manner.

When quoting from the protected material, the user must attribute the source of the quotation. The user may not alter, modify or in any other way change the protected material, and may not do any other act which might detract from the value of the protected material in a manner which would cast aspersion on the creator of the protected material.

Subject to the law of copyright, the user may not copy, redistribute, retransmit, publish, broadcast or publicly display  protected material, without the prior written consent of the National Library.


This site contains links to external sites. The following conditions shall apply to the use of these links, without derogating from other conditions in these Terms of Use.

The links are solely for the convenience of the user. Unless otherwise stipulated in this site, no legal or commercial relationship exists between the National Library and external sites not maintained by the National Library (third party sites).  The National Library has no control over the content of said third party sites or the content contained therein, and bears no responsibility for this content or oversight thereof.

Links to third party sites shall not be construed as an endorsement, recommendation or  preference by the National Library to third party sites, including documents and other materials to be found therein, of the operators of said sites or of products offered on said sites.


The service is provided to the public "as is"

The National Library shall not be held liable for the suitability of the service to the user's needs. Nor shall the National Library be held liable for any error , mistake, flaw, distortion or unauthorized insertion  found in the material provided by the service.

The National Library shall not be held liable for any changes made in the material provided by the service if such changes were made by the user or by a third party.

The user alone shall bear all responsibility for the way in which he/she uses the service.

The National Library shall not be held liable for any loss or damage caused to the user or third parties arising directly or indirectly from the use of the service, including loss or damage due to the use of applications that were downloaded directly through the service or that were activated by using the service,

For the purposes of the above terms, the "National Library" includes its employees, agents, or any person under its hire.

Copyright Questions 

Ownership and permission issues of the Eran Laor Cartographic Collection:
The original maps displayed on this site are the property of the Eran Laor Collection of the National Library of Israel. The digital images of these maps are copyright of the Jewish National and University Library and the Department of Geography of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Use of the images, as well as their reproduction or duplication, either partially or in their entirety, in either electronic or paper format is strictly limited to private study, scholarship or research. Where applicable, please acknowledge the source of the material as follows:

"The National Library of Israel", Shapell Family Digitization Project, Eran Laor Cartographic Collection and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dept. of Geography, Historic Cities Project."

Persons wishing to use, or obtain copies, electronic or paper, of the maps for commercial purposes, must obtain written permission from the copyright owners. Please contact us  for further information regarding conditions.