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 One Search, A World of Possibility

Merhav​The new Merhav system is able to search multiple resources simultaneously and obtain high quality, diversified results. Merhav searches across all books, periodicals and digital publications that are either in the Library's collections or accessible through its services.
Merhav is simple to use and delivers immediate results.

Search Parameters

​MERHAV performs a single search that retrieves results from the Library catalogue and from commercial databases and e-periodicals to which the Library subscribes. The three selection tabs above the search field can be used to narrow the search to: all results; from the Library catalogue; or electronic articles.


How to search?

To search in the Library catalogue, type in your search terms and press Search or Enter.

Results screen:

A list of results will appear center screen. Beside each item is an icon indicating its format. Clicking on the icon, the highlighted title, or Details, will bring up a screen containing details about the item.


A full description of the item appears on the Details screen:


The Locations screen shows where the item is held and how it can be ordered for loan or in-library use.

The Reviews and Tags screen enables users to add information and read tags added by other readers and responses to those tags.

Refining Search Results

The column on the right hand side of the results screen offers various options for refining the search results:
The results can be refined by a particular criterion/facet, such as author name, or availability in the reading room.

Advanced Search

Use the advanced search to combine multiple search parameters, e.g. a word from the title of a book and the name of the author.

Personal Area

Your personal account includes the electronic bookshelf, information regarding loans and other library activities, and saved searches.

This personalized service is only available to readers who register for the system and open an account. Unregistered users may easily obtain a library card by filling in the online application form, free of charge.

Registering immediately upon accessing the system is recommended.

Signing in

Click on 'sign in'

Type your ID number into both the Name and Password fields in the window that opens

Introducing the Electronic Bookshelf

The Electronic Bookshelf can be used to save both retrieved items and previous searches. To add an item to your electronic bookshelf, click on the asterisk to the right of an item that appears in the list of results. 

Clicking on Save Search at the bottom of the list that appears to the right of the results will save your search for future

Results saved on your electronic bookshelf will be stored for future reference.

My Account

To access your personal records, including loans, saved searches and your electronic bookshelf, click on My Account and then sign in.

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