Change to RAMBI Subject Searching

Subject searching in RAMBI, The Index to Articles in Jewish Studies, is being changed so that searching a subject either in English or in Hebrew will retrieve both Hebrew and European language articles.

This change is being gradually introduced and we hope will be completed by the summer. Until then, if a search retrieves articles only in the script of the search term we recommend searching also under the alternate script term.

RAMBI The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies

Rambi - List of Articles in Jewish Studies - founded by Dr. Issachar Joel in 1966. This is a selective list of articles in various fields of Jewish studies and the study of Eretz Israel and the State of Israel. Rambi based largely on the collections of the National Library. The articles listed Rambi Nlktim from thousands of journals - whether in print or electronically, and from collections of articles, in Hebrew letters, Latin or Cyrillic - and of reprints are sent to by the researchers. The database is updated every day.
By the end of 2007 were recorded in about 300,000 records, out of about 20,000 different sources.
Rambi appeared in print from 1966 until 2000, volume 50-1. Project conversion of printed booklets (volume 28-1) to the Internet was made possible by the contribution of Littauer Foundation. With all the material Rambi Elevation computer stopped printing the booklets.
Rambi record includes - the abbreviated form: author, title, bibliographic information and access to the full text. For further information please open the full record. Search options are: Subject, Author, Title, Source or keywords from the above.

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Judaica Collection
Judaica Collection
The Judaica Collection is one of the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in the world, and includes data about Jews and Judaism in Israel and the world, in Hebrew and other languages.
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