Kiryat Sefer

Kiryat Sefer"Kiryat Sefer" – the national bibliography of the State of Israel and the Jewish people – was founded in 1925. The purpose of the national bibliography is to document all publications published in Israel in all fields and languages ​​that are deposited at the National Library. In 1953 legal deposits began to be mandated by law. The law included print materials only, and in 2001 was expanded to include non-print and non-book materials.
Kiryat Sefer also includes publications in all languagues, from all countries, that pertain to Judaism and Israel, and that are purchased by the Library.
Until the year 2003, the bibliography was availabe only as a print journal, sold exclusively to subscribers. Since that year, the material is available online, free of charge and accessible to everyone, and is updated daily.
Each item listing is assigned a general subject (called the "Kiryat Sefer Department"), in addition to a unique subject that distinguishes the item. Additional notes are included when the listing does not provide sufficient information about the item's content. ​
Israel Collection
Israel Collection
The National Library serves as the "national memory" of the State of Israel and Eretz-Israel.
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